Penny Stock | Penny Stock Pumps & Promotions – What’s The Best Way To Trade Them?

I know how to trade penny stock pump and dumps. There is a certain way to screen out the picks that will most definitely be losers. If you can screen out the losers, then you are left with the winners. I can give you some general guidelines to help you become a successful penny trader by leveraging the power of the pump.

If you take a stock that has been lying dormant for several months, with almost no trading volume, and introduce this stock to thousands of investors or traders who like to take on high risk/high reward type stocks, you have the potential for a massive percentage gain in that particular equity/stock.

What would bring about this type of situation for a stagnant stock? A paid promotion, of course. These are also referred to as “pumps” by those well versed in the realm of penny stock trading. Penny pumps are a consistent occurrence in today’s market. During the bear market of 2008 these types of stock promotions almost came to a standstill, but things are back to normal now. Basically, a publicly traded company with cheap shares will hire a stock promoter(s) to send out emails and snail mail to people who have expressed interest in penny stocks. Its a pretty shady ordeal, and most people who buy the promoted (or pumped) stock will come out with much less money than they originally invested in the stock.

Anyways, here are a couple things to consider to screen out the bad penny picks from the good ones:

The number of shares outstanding. You can learn to evaluate how likely it is that a stock will move if you understand the share structure. There is a few other factors about share structure to consider that will enable you to rate the penny share/stock and it’s chances of moving up.

Who it is that is pumping/promoting the stock. From my observations, penny stocks that are promoted by certain promoters have a higher chance of ascending in price than stocks pumped by average promoters. I can not list them all in this article but I do advise members of my site on this factor.

If you want to try to trade a few penny promotions on your own you are very brave. However if you arm yourself with some special techniques and facts you not only be a brave penny stock trader, but you will be a profitable one as well. I offer 3 free penny stock recommendations to members of my site, and I also will give you some useful nuggets of information to help you become an ultra successful investor/trader.

Written By Matt Morris, Editor of the best penny stock newsletter in existence. I am one of the few penny-newsletter-guys that do not accept compensation to “pump” penny stocks. Sign up for 3 free Penny Stock Picks here.

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Awesome Penny Stocks

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Best Penny Stocks To Buy | The New Standard For Finding Which Penny Stocks To Buy

If you’re in quest of to noticed that a rapid profit, you should look no serve than cheaper bonds which may be paid for literally for pennies. These bonds are the solitary concentration for many day traders since the larger distinction the makings. While there is no replacement for plain methodical work to find excellent conducting penny bonds to buy, if you do not have a fantastic handle of time to persevere to analytics then that may be a problem. Because many traders drop in to this category, this essay is going to look at a new way which thousands of new traders are embracing any week to find the most apt penny bonds to buy.

The way I’m referring to is using an methodical module to find high luck penny bonds to buy on your behalf. These programs look for minuscule overlaps between batch actions in stream bonds and actions of excellent conducting ones of the past before they strike their trends/upswings. Behavior tells you all about what to point in a stream stock, as a result the dependence by experienced person traders on this technology each day.

One thing to comprehend about these programs is that they work in segment as send by e-mail lists essentially. Once the module finds high luck penny bonds to buy, it sends out that data to each merchant who has paid to pointer up is to list/expected these batch tips. Consequently the ordinarily dare and critical aspect of capitalizing on this data is investing consequently once you take the collect as once the rest of the list starts to deposit accordingly, the cost gets driven up substantially.

Another thing to ponder about why these bonds perform so excellent is that after that primary overload which is once again attributed to the strength of the investors of the list, outward traders not on the list will take observe of that considerable upturn and will deposit consequently in turn, as well. Because these penny bonds to buy beginning off at such inexpensive prices, it is ample simpler to straight away and rapidly affect their prices shortly.

One thing which we recommend carrying out is being paid a especially penny batch all ears module all around, or in other difference a module which ordinarily targets inexpensive stocks. The paramount difference between inexpensive bonds and larger marked ones is normally the sensitivity and speed at which they go. As such, I’ve had ample larger success with programs which ordinarily aim inexpensive stocks, justifiably so.

Don’t place off realizing your financial sovereignty any more because you were heedful of the danger related with investing. That’s a non reason now that the methodical routine is taken caring of.

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Best Penny Stocks To Buy | Best Penny Stocks To Purchase

As with all utilitarian things they take time and you must make particular that you are giving yourself the tip luck of success by carrying out the apt probe to help learn the most apt tiny hat bonds and make a return on your investment. But when it comes to danger with penny shares, the gifted financier can agree to that risks are farthest and that risks are expected to pay off, a talent you will rise over time.

You should make sure that when you are conducting any probe about the share that you at least return and examine over the formerly two years, particularly when in quest of at financial data to make sure you can pick out any critical trends that might be emerging. You must be make sure that you are shopping in to a batch that has showed a plain follow record financially and is in fantastic figure to sustain that record. To checkthis you can look at the quarterly reports particularly focusing on the income generated and the gain per share.. The most present batch inform is fantastic to look at but it ordinarily gives you a image in that particular time support and you wish to search for chronological trends.. It is value attentive that chronological opening is no indicator of future opening but it is a utilitarian guide..

Not all of this arrange of data is basically existing for micro hat shares as it is with the incomparable more customary shares and it can make your probe routine wily but you should never just deposit blindly without initial perplexing to check.

One plot you can follow is to look to pick up value, that is formed on the rational that by shopping a utilitarian batch that is undervalued it will conclude with time. A buy and grip plot similar to the a referred to previously is matched more to an financier rsther than than a merchant but if you wish to fool around a more active purpose then there is no reason because you can’t traffic the shares of these companies instead.

One way is to learn to read candlestick charts that follow the total operation that the batch traded at in that time frame. Once you have identified fantastic companies to deposit in, then technical review allows you to pinpoint your access and exit points accordingly.

If are new to the rational of technical review and find this hard to follow then do not fret as there are loads of books and resources existing to teach you. Remember if you set in reserve a few time to learn about the batch before you buy any shares then you will be well on the way to anticipating the most apt penny shares to buy!

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Buy Penny Stock Online | Buy Penny Stocks Online

Do you wish to purchase penny bonds online? The key to the batch market, is knowledge. Let’s start with, what is a penny batch or a micro hat stock? A penny batch is a batch that has a worth of $5 or reduction by OTC, instead well known as over the opposite and the micro hat bonds traffic by pinkish sheets and/or quotations. In this article, reasons to purchase penny bonds are going to be discussed.

Micro hat bonds may be a great investment for an investor, this form of batch shopping is often paid for by savvy or gifted investors more so than beginners, nonetheless many beginners do in fact purchase them because the low cost per share creates them really attractive to an investor. Most people similar to to start out at a low cost so that they only remove a tiny amount of money.

Buying penny bonds can give an financier a really high return, the reason why an financier can advance out on tip by the purchase of these bonds is because the low cost of the stock, with any change of the batch going upwards can possibly be in the hundreds or thousands of percent in a couple of days. Say you purchase a micro hat batch for $3, then there is a large pierce on investors shopping them or a certain thing happens to the firm of the batch you purchased and it shoots up to $6 a share, bang you have doubled your money, in other difference in a bullish marketplace you can make a lot of money. For the many segment penny bonds may be a large segment of an gifted investor’s portfolio, but it is not endorsed for a new financier to only have micro hat bonds in their portfolio.

Micro hat bonds are deliberate a of the riskiest investments at the same time as possibly being a of the many essential investments, the reason being is since they are traded on the OTCBB and the pinkish sheets. The OTCBB and the pinkish sheets have really low inventory mandate different the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq. Since companies are often new they cannot supply sufficient financial history. Or the firm is shut to bankruptcy, that can both result in low trading volumes. One more reason the penny batch marketplace is dangerous is since all of the rascal schemes out there. It gives people an chance to purchase large amounts of shares utilizing the market, then selling them to the fresh investors and when they are sold, the batch dumps.

If you are an investor, look in to shopping penny stocks, as was referred to they may be a really essential investment, but they are dangerous only similar to every other investment. Be sure to do investigate on the firm before you purchase their stock, nothing is on trial in batch investments and you can remove all that you put in. You can make a great treat of allowance shopping penny stocks, only ensure you investigate a lot.

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Best Penny Stocks To Buy | How Long To Keep A Penny Stock

There are the huge time players and then there are the small time players. For both categories of people the stock market has their share to offer. Huge time players work in the market for huge money while the small time players play in the market for small money. For both of them money is precious and money is hard earned. Both have to exhibit prudence and patience for their money to grow in this very volatile market called the share market everywhere stocks of companies are place up for sale. The small time players play for small value shares or better called top. The returns are very high and very lucrative. The reason why we have so many people investing. But stock has its generous chunk of risk also. The risk of losing your entire saving looms generous when it comes to trading. As these stocks do not follow the regular and recorded pattern of trading as the main shares do, there is a very huge risk of jumping into a deal without even an inkling of the company profile that has placed its stock for sale.

Being of very low value penny stocks do not figure in the share market listing. But its low value makes it appear to be a very simple stock for the picking. All would go well and even the stock would show some fantastic rise in the initial stages. In a sudden day it would take a tumble and even vanish from the unlisted market also. A complete loss for the investor. During the recent financial fiasco that the planet experienced, the so called recession, not only did huge time stock market investors lose out, there were more number of people who had invested in penny stock that came up crying in distress. This indicated the volume by number of people who had been investing their money in this small vale stocks and who buy penny stocks.

With the recession having passed and the market once again picking up, we are sure that this pronounced demand on penny stocks would once again increase. For this reason we had collected information about the company that ever traded their stocks owing to the penny stock process. We even have collected their data on previous times in this quick and rapid varying market. We give this data to our team of experts who then are able to make a better and wiser speculation of which be the best penny stocks to buy. Our registered users consequently get this added benefit of tips of when to buy penny stocks of a particular company and even when to let go the same back into the market. Assured gains is what a registered user of our site would experience and in the process make better gains in all his transactions. Out charges are nominal and against the assured gains that you get this amount would appear trivial.

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Awesome Penny Stocks

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Best Penny Stocks To Buy | How To Triple Your Investments In The Short Term With The Best Penny Stocks To Buy

With this recession which has been strangling the American economy for more than a year now finally turning around, there has arguably never been a better time to invest in the history of our economy. Many stocks are at all-time low prices, so there are a number of excellent and wise investments to be made in the small term.

This goes doubly for penny/cheaper stocks which have a propensity of quickly and exponentially jumping in value over the course of a few hours or a day. Here is what to know about tripling your investments on the best penny stocks to buy in the small term even if you don’t have the experience.

As I mentioned, penny stocks offer some of the most volatile action to be found in the market. This is because their cheaper prices make them more susceptible to outside trading influence or less trading influence so it’s quite common to see a penny stock jump in the small-term.

Of course, a penny stock and very easily fluctuate out of your favor, as well. For this reason, many traders turned to using an analytical program to differentiate between the two and identify the best penny stocks to buy and trade more confidently yet to be of the curve.

These are programs which use analytics to analyze real-time market data and compare that to trends of the past to identify profitable patterns in the immediate future so you can take benefit of them. Programs which focus on penny stocks particularly are especially calculated and developed to target these stocks particularly and deliver the best penny stocks to buy.

For example, a recent program which I’ve been using which focuses on delivering the best penny stocks to buy generated a pick valued at $.18 a share for me initially when I invested. I bought around 1000 shares for about $180 by way of my online trading account and logged out.

Just a few hours later it had already jumped up to $.37 a share. At this point I was watching that stock on the hour as eventually the next morning it had topped off at $.57 a share at which point I got out.

Because all be analytical work is done for you, all you’ve got to do is point your money or simply follow the direction of the stock symbol which is generated for you to find the best penny stocks to buy.

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Awesome Penny Stocks

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Is it Best to Speculate in Penny Stocks?

Small cap stocks are unquestionably challenges which are more appropriate for the individual which desires to take chances. Obviously, perhaps even a few conservative traders would see some benefit in the minimal risk gambit of hefty stock gains that the suitable small cap stock can offer. In truth, a great number of market players fantasize of simply being the person to find that outstanding penny stock having incredible possibilities which will eventually end up our next million dollar stock. The inescapable fact is without question that minor enterprises grow to be significant firms every day. Sadly, firms which become successful usually are truly negligible in number if likened to organizations that will not.

Small cap stocks usually are a wonderful method for small-scale businesses to fund growth stages, overcome difficult times and come to be top-notch firms. This also presents corporations some opportunity to re-organize, and by allowing their particular shares to be bought and sold as small cap stocks, they’re bringing in earnings which could always be directed into the company to wonderful results. Countless times, this can be a prosperous venture for the company, but yet there are lots of times it isn’t. However, this is a necessary part of the risk which is taken when investing in penny stocks. The instant the businesses are able to get organized, grow at an exceptional rate, and turn into the corporation you want they can become, the returns on investment are usually incomparable. But please do not count on immediate results from your stock investment.

One should equally choose to be conscious that a lot of firms utilize penny stocks as a way to work swindles upon naive investors. Sometimes it is practically inconceivable to possess all the particulars concerning penny stock companies when making an investment in penny stocks because unlike some of those corporations that have a market listing with the major stock market exchanges, a majority of these organizations ordinarily are not asked to open their books to prospective stock buyers and will not experience close to the same range of oversight that bigger companies face when welcoming investors.

Nevertheless, the issue of whether or not penny stock investing can be for you will depend completely on one’s own individual sense of adventure, and your ability to bet with one’s dollars. Various investors steadfastly assume that to be able to obtain substantially, a person must likewise be prepared to gamble substantially. This is certainly a specific approach to life for numerous individuals which is right for these individuals in friendships, life, and in money. These types of folks are generally substantially more fickle with their money and are generally prepared to take on the exposure lacking second thoughts or worry of a negative end result. Such will be the folks who achieve incredibly, whenever making an investment in penny stocks.

Then again, there are those who diligently shield their nest eggs. Most of these are individuals which are very likely to discover themselves agonizing through some sort of penny stock investment for various reasons. The investor cannot really analyze the corporations, a non-starter to individuals that like attentive planning, and you cannot obtain rapid and simple access to your money once committed. This approach takes out a degree of control relating to an individual’s fiscal well-being and isn’t a comfortable feeling for equity purchasers that want to feel in a position of control. No doubt many, can understand the ones that tend to be in no condition, without a doubt, to make investments in penny stocks. This can be a daunting expenditure process when homes, retirements, and …

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Penny Stocks gurus

Penny stock gurus


Peter Leeds is one of the most trusted personalities in penny stocks. Major financial media companies have covered him. He is also known as the Penny Stock Professional.


He was 14 years old when he made his first trade. He invested all of his $3,600 into a company which he didn’t know anything about. The share price began to fall immediately after he bought the stock. After losing all his money in one trade, he started to learn. Leeds developed a method to make back his starting fund’s hundreds of times over.


His penny stock fortunes came from the conclusion that the most profitable method is long-term investing in high-quality cheap stocks. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars on most of his trades.

Travis Garlick AKA Teacup pig

Travis Garlick has amassed a giant Facebook and Twitter following for his ability to know which stocks are going to go up and which are going to go down. His 3-year hot streak is incredible. He is definitely one person to follow. His twitter handle is @teacuppiglets hence why he got the nickname teacup

Timothy Sykes



Another investor who became a penny stock millionaire by the age of 22. He turned $12,000 into $3.53 million over a few years by day-trading penny stocks. Then he founded a hedge fund which became the number one ranked short bias fund for 3 years. Trader Monthly named him Top 30 Under 30 in 2006.


But his fund lost 35% of its capital. After that, he starred in the Wall Street Warriors documentary. The show’s popularity inspired him to start a publishing company which creates educational financial newsletters. He started trading again from $12,000 and he turned it into $211,000 after 6 years, making him the number one ranked trader on Covestor.


He has been featured on every major financial media outlet. As a part of his battle against pump-and-dump schemes, Shaquille O’Neal sent him a cease-and-desist letter after Timothy Sykes blasted him for buying shares of a questionable penny stock. This stock later dropped 99%.


penny stock success stories

Tim Grittani And Timothy Sykes – Source: CNNMoney


Tim Grittani


While in college, Tim looked for easy ways to make money. He played poker and made wagers on sports games. He won $9,000 on a bet, but lost all of that soon and decided to quit gambling. So he tried stock trading.


Penny Stock Conspiracy


Tim Grittani started by learning from Timothy Sykes how to trade stocks. At the age of 21 he began day trading penny stocks with $1,500 of his life savings. Because of his limited capital, he decided that he was going to focus on buying penny stocks. He didn’t want to deal with expensive stocks like Google or Apple as he didn’t have enough money.


Three years later he accumulated $1 million in profits. He spends the entire trading day in front of a computer, buying and selling stocks at the right time. The trade that pushed the value of his portfolio over $1 million was when he shorted a stock that had been the target of a pump-and-dump scheme.…

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Tips to make Investment in Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are the low investment stocks, which require less money from the investors to make the investment. There are a few tips to follow, which can help you in building stronger returns with penny stocks and getting ahead with the most considerable options to get the relevant stocks.

Stock market is unpredictable and penny stocks are topmost on the list of volatile stocks. There are a few tips to follow for thinking about the right penny stock investments:

  • Research and planning before making investments on the pink sheet stocks is necessary for every investor.
  • Investment in the companies having huge trade volume should be preferred over the others having low value and low trade rate.
  • Penny stocks are volatile and you should have a fixed budget to invest. Slowly increase your budget as you feel comfortable with them.
  • Thorough research and entry-exit plans are essential to stick to for implementing the ideas in the best way.

Benefits of Penny Stocks

  • Low investment stocks can be your guide to learn about the major stock exchange markets and their performance.
  • It is easy to begin with small investments and put a lot of effort in understanding about stocks through these OTCBB listed stocks.
  • You can preferably make more money in the shortest possible interval by investing in penny stocks.
  • It is easy to begin with penny stock trading and these stocks can grow up as mid-cap options and your money will be multiplied several times.

It is important for the investors to choose the most relevant stocks and make proper planning to execute in the right way. Don’t invest too much amount and learn about these shares before proceeding towards the right spot. There are many scams associated with penny stocks and should be considered before making the right investment.…

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Cautious Investment on Penny Stocks

Penny stocks offer considerable profits, but they are quite vulnerable to get manipulated. You need to be cautious and pick out the right stocks; or you might lose all your money. It is important for you to find out the honest small organizations in which you can make the real investment. It is important to earn handsome amount by making appropriate purchases. If a company seems to have bright future, there is nothing wrong in making the investment with the promising organization. You can even bring bright future results for the company and get all the research done in the appropriate way. for further details, visit : /what-are-penny-stocks-and-how-they-work/

Cautious Investment on Penny Stocks

There will beEven though penny stocks offer a large chunk of profits, these shares are quite vulnerable to be manipulated. If you are not very careful and cautious in picking out the right stocks, you can easily lose all your money that you had invested. It is important for you to find the honest and real small organizations to invest your money; as such investments will offer you tons of potential to earn handsomely. If a company seems to be having a bright future and is a promising small organization, then you can very well invest in their small stocks to get a hefty return on your investments. All you need to do is to take time to do research on the internet to spot such promising companies and you are sure to gain good payouts. There will be a plenty of opportunities available in the investment, but you will be responsible to find out the most promising approach for the best returns on your activities.

Penny stock investments are risky, but it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily face losses with it. Investors need to follow cautious approach to invest in the appropriate way and get the most out of their efforts.…

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